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We provide opportunities that help each person grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We also provide opportunities to serve others.

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Community Groups

In our church, community groups aren’t simply a program, rather they provide the shape of how we follow Jesus. While they might vary in composition (families, couples, singles, men, women, youth, children, etc) they are each designed as a small web of meaningful relationships in which we find genuine Christian fellowship together through our study of Scripture, prayer, meals, and ongoing care for each other. We think of group life as our first ‘line of defense’ as a believing community. In our groups, we suffer together, counsel one another, serve each other, reach out to our neighbors together, and encourage one another with the promises of God in the gospel. Community groups truly are where the ‘one-anothers’ of the New Testament take place. For a smaller-sized church, we have a surprising amount of opportunities to connect with a group throughout the week (please see this link in order to find further information on one that’s right for you). Life is complicated, calendars are often full, and we live busy lives as a result. But it’s been our experience that we are too busy not to be a part of a community group. If you have further questions about what community groups are, or how they work, we would love to speak with you. Please contact one of our elders to learn more.

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Harbor Center for Biblical Counseling

Mound Free offers intensive discipleship and biblical counseling through the Harbor Center for Biblical Counseling (learn more at We would be honored to walk alongside you through any of life's challenges. We have helped individuals with personal struggles, as well as married couples and families.


What is biblical counseling? Here is a good summary from the Biblical Counseling Coalition: "Biblical counseling occurs whenever and wherever God’s people engage in conversations that are anchored in Scripture, centered on Christ and the Gospel, grounded in sound theology, dependent upon the Holy Spirit and prayer, directed toward sanctification, rooted in the life of the church, founded in love, attentive to heart issues, comprehensive in understanding, thorough in care, practical and relevant, and oriented toward outreach."


In the midst of life's struggles, we believe that hope and wisdom are found when we look to the Bible, the written Word, and see Jesus, the living Word.

“Life is full of troubles and hardships; struggles with what we think, feel and do; heartache in our relationships; weakness in our bodies and souls; ultimately, separation from God.


The Harbor Center for Biblical Counseling exists to glorify God through a church-based, biblical counseling ministry by helping people take steps towards Jesus Christ in their time of need.


  1. We lovingly walk with Jesus’ disciples in their sin and suffering.

  2. We lovingly invite our Westonka neighbors to become part of God’s family.

  3. We resource neighboring churches and Christians with biblical counseling and training.


We strive to be “A beacon of hope, anchored in the Word.”


Our mission to be and make disciples of Jesus compels us to actively participate in the advance of the gospel among the nations. Over the years, that commitment has manifested itself in different ways. The Lord has enabled us to commission families from our own number as a sending church for the global cause of Christ. We've also partnered with missionaries from other congregations as a supporting church. It is our joy currently to serve alongside brothers and sisters for the sake of the Great Commission who are making disciples in Croatia, Bulgaria, and Japan, among native and refugee peoples here in the U.S., and those who equip global church leaders through theological education. Each of these households are an extension of our church's mission and ministry both nationally and internationally. We are thrilled to be a part of God's work in their lives.


While our church is committed to celebrating and communicating the good news of Jesus Christ, we are also passionate about demonstrating that good news. Ministries of mercy have been an integral part of our care for one another as well as our surrounding community for many years now. As an EFCA congregation, we believe that God commands us to love him supremely and others sacrificially as we live out our faith with care for one another, compassion toward the poor, and justice for the oppressed. It's our conviction that the gospel is powerfully proclaimed when our witness to the world comes home to the lives of others in both word and deed. By God's grace, we have launched a meal ministry, maintain an adoption fund, participate in Compassion International child sponsorships, and pro-life initiatives through our partnership with New Life Family Services in the Twin Cities.

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