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Love your neighbours as yourselves

February 7, 2017


‘If you will be peaceable, love your neighbours as yourselves.’ Love neither imagineth, nor speaketh, nor worketh any hurt to others: it covereth infirmities; it hopeth all things; it endureth all things. Selfishness and want of love to others, causeth all the contentions in the world. You can bear with great faults in yourselves, and never fall out with yourselves for them; but with your neighbours you are quarrelling for those that are less! Do you fall out with another because he hath spoken dishonourably or slightly of you, or slandered you, or some way done you wrong? You have done a thousand times worse than all that against yourselves, and yet can bear too patiently with yourselves!

Richard Baxter, William Orme, The Practical Works of the Rev. Richard Baxter, vol. 6 (London: James Duncan, 1830), 267–268.


Photo by Mitchell Speert - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=28693405

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Jeremiah Burroughs on the Contentment Produced By Holding the Bible in High Regard and Clinging Tightly to It's Promises

August 29, 2015

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