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Joined by angels in prayer

October 2, 2016


‘In all the worship you perform to God, remember that you join with the angels of heaven, and bear your part to make up the concert.’ Do it therefore with that holiness, and reverence, and affection, as remembering not only to whom you speak, but also what companions you have; and let there not be too great a discord either in your hearts or praises.

Richard Baxter and William Orme, The Practical Works of the Rev. Richard Baxter, vol. 5 (London: James Duncan, 1830), 245.


Angel prayers, by Unknown - http://www.public-domain-image.com/public-domain-images-pictures-free-stock-photos/art-public-domain-images-pictures/angel-prayers.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=24923702

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Jeremiah Burroughs on the Contentment Produced By Holding the Bible in High Regard and Clinging Tightly to It's Promises

August 29, 2015

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