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Jonathan Edwards Warns of the Deception Satan Possesses and Urges Believers to Maintain a Watchful Eye

June 28, 2015


"Great and strict therefore should be the watch and guard that ministers maintain against such things, especially at a time of great awakening: for men, especially the common people, are easily bewitched with such things, they having such a glaring and glistening show of high religion. The devil hides his own shape, and appears as an angel of light, that men may not be afraid of him but adore him."


Jonathan Edwards. "The Religious Affections." Dover Publications, Inc: Mineola, New York. (1746) 2013. p.213.

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Jeremiah Burroughs on the Contentment Produced By Holding the Bible in High Regard and Clinging Tightly to It's Promises

August 29, 2015

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