February 21, 2015


"God might have taken us from the womb, and have cast us into utter darkness...yet we have lived this long, in the patience and forbearance of God.  And to what end hath he thus spared us...Is it not that he might by his patience give us leave and space to get an inte...

February 20, 2015


"This, with the most, is...[how people think about] God's patience and forbearance.  Men count it a season to fulfill all the abominations that their evil hearts can suggest unto them, or Satan draw them into a combination with himself.  [That]...This is the state of...

February 19, 2015


"All the evil, sin, wickedness, that hath been in the world, which no heart can conceive, no tongue can express, hath been all an abuse of..[the] patience of God."


-John Owen, "An Exposition of Psalm 130".  The Works of John Owen, Volume VI.  The Banner of Truth Trust...

February 18, 2015


"The whole world is every day filled with tokens of the power and patience of God; every nation, every city, every family is filled with them...[yet] there is a common abuse of this patience of God visible in the world in all generations."


-John Owen, "An Exposition o...

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August 29, 2015

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